The French alphabet

French uses the same letters as English language but the way to pronounce the letters and syllables can be different in many cases. Differences are due to the fact that French is a romance language and English is a germanic language.

Learning French is one of my purpose of studying in this university. I thought I would be able to learn French at beginning, however our school only have french course for western culinary and baking classes. I won’t able to learn it if I am not one of them, but then the school department recently opened an after school class for us to learn French.

Here I am, I am learning French now.

At beginning, Teacher Anthony gave us a brief introduction,
Je M’Appelle (name) (我叫 名字)

Je suis Taiwanais(e)    (我是  國家人)

J Habite à Taichung   (我住 城市)

星期 Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Samedi Dimanche

New Words
French Chinese English French Chinese English
table table midi noon
matin morning lit bed
second second mode fashion
le the or good
ete summer minute minute
genial great mot word
frefe brother velo bicycle
regle rule tu you
yaourt Yogurt payer to pay
curry curry Jenny Jenny
bonjour bonbon candy
cafe coffee car car
cerise cherry citron lemon
mardi tuesday date date
fini finish France
gare (train)station bague ring
glace ice cream age
girafe giraffe hiver winter
haricot bean jardin garden
jour day kiwi
kilo lune moon
malade sick merci thank you
maman mom banane banana
nous we/us papa dad
penser to think photo
pharmacie pharmacy banque bank
qui who quoi what
quand when comment how
ou where pourquoi why
rouge red riz rice
sucre sugar sirop syrup
tasse cup maison house
raser shave tarte pie
the tea habite to live in
vie life avoir to have
ravioli ravioli ville city
Wagon week-end weekend
examen example exemple
excusez-moi excuse me taxe TAX
zero zero bronze tan

I found a website that pronounce French just like my teacher Anthony, would like to introduce you it.