I thought they would do the painting first, and remove the carpet later once the paint completed. Cause that case it’s easier to clean up the timber. It was a rainy day, our builder and his workers had to stop outdoor recovery and focus on indoor.



I dont know the point that of dot painting before repaint the whole wall. make the wall more colourful?



Our building separted his workers to two teams, one do the painting, one remvoe the carpet. Mr. Du took us to see the timber floor after the workers took the carpet away, corridor and living room still look allright, but  3 bedrooms were all in bad conditions. Mr Du recommand us for the bedrooms, we could replace new timbers for broken area, and then sand and polish the entire timber floor. 

DSC_0838 DSC_0843



There use to be a shelf to cover up the fireplace, but we decided to fill it. make it to a complete wall.

It may be hard for a constructor to concentrrate on the one thing at a time, on first week, we rarely see Mr. Du around, sometimes we called and ask if he would be there, he would definitely say yes, but indefinitely show up next day.   


let’s see have a look at the projects, (in 1 week)

20120321_144043 DSC_0671

20120321_144539 DSC_0817

20120320_072948 DSC_0843

20120320_141314 DSC_0800 


When we step in, we saw the rooms are no more colorful paint. everything is white and clean. the reason for remove the carpet first because they are doing the skirting at the same time, it would easier for them to take the carpet away, well, the carpet need to remove anyway.