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Review of The Prince and me

Right, a movie and a review weren’t really my plan tonight, I thought I would probably going bed earlier and had a sound sleep.

The Prince and me, yes, as the title we can see, it’s a love story about a prince and a civy girl.
I guess I pick this movie only cause she is Julia Stiles, the ballerina from Save the last dance.
So, here’s the story,
Paige, a pre-med student from Wisconsin, is on the fast track toward her lifelong goals. Edward, the Crown Prince of Denmark, is trying to escape a life he never chose. Needing an escape from his royal life, Edward treks to Wisconsin and poses as Eddie, a college student. Now they’ve fallen in love and Edward is in line to become a King.
Paige has to choose between two dreams – becoming a princess or the doctor she’s always wanted to be.
Paige thought she doesn’t like Eddie, she thought her school, and study are her dreams and she should never give them up, but then she found out that how cool Eddie is when she really.. crush on him, and how important he is that she could sacrifice anything just wants to be with him.
So Paige flew all the way from U.S. to Denmark, not knowing why and what.
Why would I want to see him?
What would I do then?
I would concern it as a nonsense as if it’s me who flew all the way to Denmark and sort of fall-in-love with the Prince, attending all the parties with the Prince, and let people think we are going to get marry.. then suddenly the mind is clear and figure out that being a Princess isn’t the dream I am searching for.
Would the Prince let the love go?
When Eddie lets Paige go at the very end, i was thinking .. like wow, is that the ending? like there’s no more live happily ever after fairy tale?
But the truth is, obviously it is still a fairy tale, of course the Prince and the Princess will live happily ever after, and of course the love, would never break a couple apart.
I don’t say this movie does not inspired me, it’s a nice movie for me to see at Friday,… oh oops, is it Thursday still? oh well, I will count it ‘Friday’ cause it’s Friday morning now.
The sun itself sees not until heaven clears.
Uh- Sure.