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Listening Diary 005


Emotions at work         presented by Lynne Malcolm

Subject: All in Minds
broadcast on 8th July 2006 Listen on 8th July 2006

Normally we hiring people by value their ability of work or their talent, even though both of them are important, we may value the wrong skill. To take another look, we should discuss more on how not to communicate at work and how to make the employees doing work more effectively. As the balance between our jobs and home live, the rapidly changes on the technologies and work environment and jobs and our life satification could be threatened.

To have a positive job productions, we should know how to manage our emotions at works, cause that normally affect our working ability as well. Sometimes you see when a person given you information, they would firstly give you bad news than good news, that because if he tells good news first, you feel happy, but then the bad news make you even sad. People wouldn’t really get a high work productions if that’s the way how they going to work.

Mr. Peter Sullivan, works at the Australian business training and said that these days we demends more from our working lives. It now change gradually that people dont’ expect the authority, churches, institutions like they used to do. People are more likely to be involved within the workplacement, and so the organization get their people on board, get to engage their people, because the way to lead people to produce more better results.

Emotion is a difficult one in the workplacement, because in a lot of ways there’s no place for emotion in the workplace. However, you can’t have thinking without emotion, it’s been proven by neuroscience that if you take away emotion you take away the ability to make decisions. Emotion, as E- motion; motion means movement, and that is, emotion move us.     to be continued..