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Listening Diary 002

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Racism isn’t always a question of difference  Present by Sue Clark

Subject: Perspective

broadcast on 21st June 2006 – Listen on 28th June 2006

Racism is always an interesting question that come across in Australia’s society. While living in a multiculture country,  there’s always a conflict between racism.

John O’Carroll, the lecturer school of Social Sciences and Liberal Sutdies Charles Sturt University.

Pre- years people discriminate each others cause they think they are better than others. Just like the racism to Aborigines, the Australians think they are smarter than the Aborigines — as they are white people, and they took aboriginal’s children away from their parents, the white people think they could have give the better education to the aboriginal children. That’s racism.

John O’Carroll illustrated that racism isn’t just motivated by difference,  but also by the fear of claim to sameness.

People are just fear to be assimilated