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Internet Use meant English has become a world language. Do you think it’s a good thing? Say why and discuss some culture and language groups with these changes.


English has become a very important language in the world, the majority of countries acknowledge English as an official language. It’s a good thing to see that people are using English to communicate with the world through the Internet, An official language will brings everyone in the world closer and it also helps people to communicate easily.


However, this changes might occurs some impacts on culture and language groups. There are several issues could be disuss as follow:


Firstly, a vocabulary could have a several different meaning and misuse a word could lead the person or a reader to a completely different meaning or a phrase. While living in a none English country, for example in China, as China has becomes more popular and are moving toward internationally, you can always see an English translation beside the Chinese words located on the street or in the supermarket in some cities.

Often there are some professional words that are unable to find an exact word to replace, and then here we need to find a suitable or similar words to illustrate. People sometimes translate the Chinese to English word by word, and it displays either meaningless or misunderstand the meaning.

This demonstrates that people could have a language problem while communicate with others in the different cultures.


Secondly,  English is helping the businessman when they are doing the business trade worldwide. It’s always a good thing to have a currency that you can use wherever you go, and it’s the same as the language, English is more likely to become as a world langauge that people could communicate without any problem. Thinking of trading a goods while two people speak totally different languages, how can they be able to do their business well?


Thirdly,  knowing one or more languages helps you to do the work more effectively. a language not only helps to communicate with people easily but also to help you gain more ideas in any career field. You may know what people don’t know, or would never thought of it.  


In conclusion, since English is a very important language and it influences us not only in our society but in the world, we should consider English more as an official language, and surely English will brings people closer. English has no boundaries.