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Working hard, babe…

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I wonder if Roy came to the class later in the afternoon, he didn’t know that we had afternoon free today.

Well..our design teacher was unwell, and we finished class early. I definitely did not just back home and play around.  (LOL! I don’t actually playing around, cause I normally spend sometimes on practicing what teacher taught us everyday during the lesson.)

Ok, so you guys might wondering where did I go if I didn’t have lesson in the afternoon, I went for the another design teacher’s class. I thought .. I would just learn extra skill from the teacher. (The teacher mentioned that every teacher has different teaching method!) 

I stayed for the afternoon class and I actually learn something cool!! I meant.. at least, we(my class) haven’t learn that part yet.. not quite! but similar~^^

With three images in three layers, I need to sort of convert them all in one!
By using photoshop’s tools and functions, that became as following visual:

Cool, huh?^^ I am glad I took an extra lesson this afternoon, that helped me to improve my skill!

There’re two more lesson both on HTML and Flash, we didn’t do much on HTML.. what we did was doing the butterfly coding thingy, and as you can see somewhere below the blog, I finished on weekend last week. For flash, what we learn today is about creating a button! Apparently, it’s cool! Oh well, it’s actually wonderful!
How about show you guys why would I think it’s wonderful?
LOL!! the thing I found wonderful is when this work came up, there are like hips of ideas comeing straightaway from my head! I want to do something, I mean it’s just feel like an innovation.. I guess I was just get too excited about this buttons…


昨天晚上好像失眠了,可是今天早上還是七點就起床了,原本以為會很累,^^ 其實不會耶! 上課還蠻輕鬆的,學flash的時候,不但從老師那邊新學到的玩意兒…馬上現學現賣教了三個同學~^^ 自己等於重複練習 越做越熟悉

下午本來沒課,卻沒急著回家,跑去上另外一個班級的課,學設計! 不一樣的老師教學也就不一樣,我今天等於是多學了一個設計的技巧…不吃虧嘛~^^ 我還在別的班級教到新同學耶^^ 哇哈哈哈…..


親愛的仲琳姐姐說: Never too late to learn, Edward哥哥說: 轉注於機會而非障礙


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  1. 不经意间看到你的这个SPACE ,你是台湾的朋友吗?我也是学IT的不过网页没有你做的漂亮啦.

  2. ^^親愛的Tiffy..

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