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User Focus, Client thingy

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It’s the third day of IT web design course today!

Er…I don’t have any friends I guess…= =”

Always feel like alone! But oh well~ Gotta get use to it….

We did new things today, let’s not talk about Flash first,

There’s a lesson called.. something to do with Client ( I forgot the actual name!)

Well, the teacher taught us that when we become as a web designer, we need to be aware.. oh actually, not only to be aware while being a designer but also being a student or anyone! we should really consider the word:”copyright” it’s a very important topic!

Like the other day I found someone were copying my work and my stuff and that makes me so.. pissed off.. = =”

Not to mention who is the person, cause it’s meaningless.. and I don’t want any people go to that person’s site to bombarding that .. person’s site.. it will then make me feel sad for that person.

Yeah,…but if you copy from someone’s work without the person’s permission or even acknowledge that it’s “someone’s contribution”, you really are.. infringe the law(?) I haven’t open my bag.. Didn’t review that part.. so I am not 100% sure if my expression were right.

Anyway, and the teacher also said that later on during the class we will be doing something about like.. how to negotiate/communicate while having an interview with a client.

I guess that’s important to know! (Well.. for what we learn, they all important..!!) I meant, although I wanna be a teacher in the future, I might not need to negotiate with the Client, but thinking the other way, student’s parents are just like Clients! You still and have to know what you are going to communicate/say when you meet your client, and as well as when you are having an interview with an employer in a business area.


Another lesson we had was about User focus, Stephen, our teacher said that while designing a website, we should also need to be ensure we are making a website that can be seen from different browsers that people use. We also need to know if our website satisfy the public/ certain people you are targeting’s need.


Er.. Ya.. that is it..!!

Later on I will publish my Mr Potato by PS and some sort of flash work on SPACE!

Keep waiting!~^^


Chinese version?@@

唉~~ 最近沒太多時間英打完又中打!






但blog天天更新! (一定要的喔~)

還有~ 誰星期五想讀書的~^^

來Ultimo Library 報到喔!



The picture above is the PS task

It’s my Mr. Potato work just done a min ago!!^^


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