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Ordinary diary… (Everything a little bit)

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  • I talked to Ann last night, so good to talk to her, I can imagine that she is getting skinner than ever, she told me she didn’t eat lunch much… oh no.. Ann.. you should’ve eat at least something!! Ann said she want to ask May Ann to come as well. Sure! we obviously will see each other soon! oh well.. but not on Friday, cause Friday I used to go library and study there. Don’t wanna change the time.

    There are six good friends (female) in my life, 小穎, 家瑩 Eliza, Ann, May Ann and Annie, I met them in

    different time. well, we still are good friends!^^ three from Taiwan, one is Thai one is Malaysian and another

    is from Hong Kong! I love you all .

    They all play a very important role in my life, they supporting me when I feel down, they encouraging me and

    give me more confidence, they also give me suggestion while I am lose my way.

    Thank you all, girls

    5 thoughts on “Ordinary diary… (Everything a little bit)”

    1. There three good friends (females) in my life, 小穎, 家瑩 Eliza, May Ann, and Annie, I met them… bla bla..
      dude.. da ain't 3….小穎, 家瑩 Eliza, May Ann, and Annie.. hum…
      i counted 5 names in there… 2 chinese, 3 english, @@…

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