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My Cool Learning about Javascript

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Today is the second day of web design, I learned something from the course today!^^
Firstly we had a lesson which was about scripting.. I checked the scirpting section before I went to school this morning, I thought we might be doing window scripting, oh well..!! we are actually doing javascript stuff 🙂 I am not that worry now LOL!!
Our teacher Pat taught us how to write a basic script and shown us how it actually present.
I found it a bit hard (well I guess cause I’ve never “really” get to this part of computing) Obviously it’s new thing and it’s interesting!!^^
I’ve decided to do some more fimilar work on these three exercises we’ve been doing this morning..
Below is what we’ve done during class time

Below is what I practice in Chinese Version & Please do check it out as well!^^

Especially check out this one… LOL!!!


I had James in the afternoon for design! This time we are really using photoshop to do some practice. I recognise a diagram which I did with Mrs Stamell when I was year 10 doing graphic design! LOL!! I didn’t know that I actually used photoshop ever.. oh well.. I forgot them all! Although I learn everything by myself.. well..  mostly, I figure things out by myself..  I still need to listen carefully on what teacher said whether we should work those softwares appropriately.
Photoshop is hard!! (for me…)compares to PhotoImpact/Gif animator.  But I will~ try my best to do the course well~

今天的課程就差不多.. 蠻好玩的吧!!
因為我們今天都學到新的東西(對我來講啦~) 我也學的很快樂喔~^^
呵呵~ 我都會做個連結點! 大家都要點進去按按看唷!!
這樣你們才知道我做的有沒有成功阿! 哇哈哈哈~XD