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Mum is so cute/我媽咪很可愛

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Well.. everybody notice today is the valentine’s day, my mum called me just then!

She asked: “Didn’t you go out?”

“No”, I replied. (Why would I?@@)

“Did you receive a lot of emails?” Mum wondered.

(Now I see ur point of calling, mum)

“Er.. yeah.. a few.., Why are you calling me for? Mum?@@” it’s my turn to wonder why ..

Oh, no, I am just curious… “

“Oh yeah?” (I doubt.. LOL!!!!)

Alright, let’s talk about what I learn to-day~~~~^^

Firstly, we had javascript lesson in the morning,

You wanna see my result?^^

Please do click on my message board.. the second Link



Scroll down the scrolling bar and then you will see something like.. vote me.. either one or the other..

for people that non-Chinese.. lol!! cause i was testing in Chinese version.. so you might cannot see it through your computer if you didn’t install the Chinese thingy.


How about photoshop?

Oh yeah..

for that I am actually working on it.. so I might paste it laster on when I finish writing blogs.


Let’s back to Chinese Version:




(我就剛從City放學回來了你還期望我會出去?@@ 雖然今天有一大堆人問我怎麼沒出去…=.=”)






『ㄏㄚˊ..沒有阿~ 問問而已…』

(= =+ 哦…真的嘛….)←疑問句

『喔~ 那你上次去運動怎麼樣?』


『恩..肩膀阿 脖子阿很酸痛..』



『恩~ 好就先這樣,掰掰。』



不要以為人家不知道你想做什麼唷~ 哇哈哈哈…

你有權保持沉默,(我也不期望你會在我的blog寫下什麼啦~^^ 你都只會在電話上說= =)


看看看!! 看到上面有個粉紅色的連結吼!!!

那個的裡面有個我今天做的java 語法喔!!^^

嘿嘿~ 喜歡的可以玩玩啦~ 哈哈..




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