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I am currently at school now and are having a 10 mins rest from the class. While that’s talk about how’s the class get going, firstly, I feel a bit of hard from the HTML well… it’s all about the concept and sort of meanings from those difficult term. Oh well, I am cool with it and I think I can get alone with it and I will try my best to find out all dinfintions.  Let’s Google it!


And now I am doing my scripting lesson, it’s not hard.. I guess. = = I am nearly fall asleep…><"

Class is a bit bored… (Am I getting tired of it?) Oh, nah… it just… I understand what he said.. in some sort of simple way.. and he is just keep on and on.. er well..


In addition I want to add is that the person who is sitting next to me…

I don’t like him mostly not only because he speaks loudly that makes people annoying but also that he swears a lot!!!!

Oh, come on, I hate people keep repeat one things for thousand times, I meant.. What for? You scare that people wouldn’t really understand what you were on about? Everytime you keep saying f**k stuff….= =

Man!! I had enough.. I guess I am going to change my seat before I get used to it on your f word..

Oh.. ya.. here come again.. he even swear when he laugh…