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How to make ⓒⓞⓞⓛ word?

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Follow me, let me show you how to make cool word!!
Firstly, you need to have a software: Ulead Gif animator 5 click me to download it
Step by step, you won’t get lost..^^
1. Open a new document 開啟新文件,背景要透明

2. Click and then click back to the area (it then will show you this picture below) to write something


3. finish writing and then click the toolbar on the top of the picture it has a T’s on, choose “neon”

選擇風格裡面的”霓虹” 不用管什麼顏色,主要是你選的鑽字底圖是什麼樣子

4. Press ctrl+alt+F to open a new blank picture


and then click(you can find it on the toolbar as well) to make the bottom of images looks like that


5. Click (which is on your left hand side toolbar) and then do the following steps:


◈Now you may have 4 images on the bottom of the line, move your mouse to the first picture which is the one you write things on… the rest of them will be the pictures behind.


◈By now you will see the pictures are different while you are doing deleting process. What you have to do next is then, delete the first picture. 再來把第一畫格刪除掉

Like this

Click preview and you will get what you want! 預覽查看 並儲存!

Where to get those flashing pictures?

url 1
url 2
url 3
url 4
Please do leave a message on their message board at least to thank them for their hard working on finding those beautiful sources..


Let’s try the other one..^^
Again, you need to use Ulead Gif Animator 5 to do this..
Get to open the new one with fully transparent mode.
Use to write something 開啟新文件,選擇背景透明,填入你想要寫的字
for example:

Then useto click the area.. but not on the word you write


What you need to do now is click to get one of those picture with flashy and shiny one
You will see those pictures will cover the word you wrote..


Press ctrl+X to cut to get the image shown below:


Finally! Click Preview and see the result!!^^

完成! 哇哈哈哈…

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copyright(C) 2006
by Tiffany, all right reserved