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First day of Web Design

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It is the first day of my TAFE course for web design… It was cool! Well at least I am not the only girl at the class, and luckly I don’t need to worry too much about the softwares we’ll be using during the semester cause I have them all and I used them before. Other great thing about was like.. it seems (Gotta demonstrate the phrase ” it seems”) it’s not that hard for me!! Cause seriously I’ve been doing all those of stuff during my holiday or even I am keen to do those work!!^^

Firstly, the teacher, Roybn was on about how we need to learn about Flash.. alright.. I am bit regreat for I didn’t completed my learning on flash last year… otherwise it would be a great help for me to do flash now!

LOL!! Don’t worry! I guess I can get what I want at the end..!

The teacher also discussed a little bit ( only a little bit cause she needs to do a lot of introducton) of HTML!

she mentions things about those code such as

LOL!! that’s what I use to playing around on my blog!

Next class the teacher taught us about why’s CSS is important and the things about RGB.. and other information

Yeah.. We’ve also been asked to buy text book for our further studies!

I guess!!@@ I need to spend a couple of expense on those goods again..= =

Good luck Tiffy then…







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