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Bouncing Ball & Assessment Coming up!

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This morning we were doing flash again, the task we are doing … was.. “bouncing ball

oh yeah, so I actually learn something from it, it’s cool that cause I’ve never notice we can actually play the ball like that.. Don’t know if David (My brother) notices that as well, the other day he told me once he finish the exam he is going to play around with flash MX.

There’s a guy call David in my class as well.. he is cool and funny 🙂 There are always fun while he is there besides us.

Alright.. I was going to teach Stela(I don’t know if I spell right.. oops..) the bouncing ball.. cause she missed out a  few steps and was confused… Well.. I forgot all the steps until I back home and have a rest afterward.


La la la…


While Robyn taught us about HTML.. I guess, as being a designer I should.. consider… MSN space isn’t a proper website.. cause sees that.. eh.. while we are doing all those tags.. it seems we can use some which has been restricted. Did you guys actually know what I am on about?@@

Well.. the things is.. as being a “future designer” what we need is.. to design a webpage that is satisfying a proper web standard…


bleh.. let’s stop from here..


Talk my assessment.. it’s due on week 9…

which still got hips of times to do..

Er… Ya.. but doesn’t mean I am fool around now, cause I am aware that tomorrow I will have a little quiz on javascripting and on Wednesday I have a sort of .. Client thingy.. the teacher.. Sandra(? I guess that’s the name) she wants us to find some infomation about the copyright (I mentioned before) I chose the topic of downloading mp3.. I guess it’s easy.. (As far as I’m concern..)

Oh yeah..I’ve received two invitation cards.. plus one rose.. = =”

Hey, sorry guys, I am not going to celebrate Valentine’s  okie?^^

I guess you guys will see my blog.. ya.. so that’s what I wanna tell.. ^^”

 I think I should work now~^^”

Let me think how am I going to post my bouncing ball…




嘿嘿… 我還是乖乖在家裡吧~^^


恩… 今天又學到一些東西囉!!

關於動畫,HTML的一些觀念,跟… 一些關於CSS或是其他東西的..

ㄜ..今天上課快睡著了說…= =”

無聊?@@ 不是…

昨天運動到我都沒力氣了..我的脖子還彎了呢.. 阿哈哈哈…


(亞洲人一定認為: 哼~那沒什麼! 我們還不是一樣…早上七點到下午五點.. 而且我們有八節課耶!)

ㄟㄟㄟ…可是可是!! 我是每一堂課上兩個小時以上耶~ 最後那一堂課是三小時耶…



anyway~ 最近會更忙吧!!

因為我要提早(且開始)準備Assessment了!←就是報告咩= =”




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