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I get in!

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於呢,我有機會進入IT 網頁設計這一門科系了,本來老師還一直說他認為我可以讀其他某科…(沒有我想玩的CSS)大概是我眼巴巴的一直望著那門我想讀的那個課程,看到讓老師不忍心讓我失望,就讓我進去吧~ OH~ YEAH~^^

我之所以會想選這門科目,都是因為那個CSS啦~ (阿..) 哈哈..沒有啦!! 因為因為..因為我就只想讀半年而已嘛…>”<

明天中小學學生就上課啦~ 大學還要等到三月(除非你有上Summer course),Jeff明天也回去上課了,親愛的念念也要回來了~ 又要開始忙碌的生活囉!! 大家加油^^

我剛剛(變過去式了..*ref. to English)在跟我親愛的第弟說話,他跟我說”既然你現在在玩網頁設計~ 這個就夠你玩了~ 就不需要寄遊戲給你了~”
『哎呀~ 怎麼可以降子啦!! 遊戲也是我的love 之一耶~”~ 一定要寄遊戲過來喔!』

恩! 好像現在還是會有一堆人問我回台灣了沒,或是我在不在台灣….
照著我的space來看的話,我應該是不在台灣吼…= =” 大家很關心我捏~^^ 很高興啦~^^不過抱歉呢~ 我不會回台灣過年~^^我也不會回來過寒假..

我又要去玩PhotoImpact 跟Gif animator了!! 這次我一定要學會做鑽字!!~”~不是閃字喔!! 是鑽字~!! 等我學成後,再來貼教學!!

It is always a happy thing to hear when I finally get into the course i want to do.

Information Technology Web Design for half year. Some of the teachers recommand me to study a one year course.. well.. I prefer the short course .. and luckly James( my future teacher) let me get in!^^

It will takes me like 18 weeks.. 20 hours/week. Although it might be a tough work.. Oh well! I can cope with it!

Schools are starting around this week or next week.. Jeff is going back to College.. and Eliza is back soon as well. Start our busy life!!^^

I am currently speak to my brother David, discuss about the stuff I am going to do.. he said since I am going to play the web design.. it is not necessary to send me comp. games.. >”< oh no… they are totally different stuff.. you cannot mix them all..

I still need my game…  :'(

There are hips of people asking me when I am back and whether I back to Taiwan, I think I need to confirm now that: ” Sorry people!! I am currently in Sydney studying at moment and I won’t back for winter holiday~” C-L-E-A-R?

LOL!! I am going to play PI and Gif animator now.. I will show you guys later on ok? Perhaps I will wirte an instruction for it.

For people who understand both languages might wonder why I need to write two versions… As the matter of fact that not all the people can understand either English or Mandarin.. and although the majority of people who visit my space are Chinese… There are still some Western people come and pass by…

In order to let them understand.. (Am I doing it internationally??@@) I need to write two languages.. Just take your pick to see which language you like to start with.

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