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It is always good to hear when someone who haven’t seen you for long and they can still remember your name!

I went to Bondi Junction with my uncle today and I saw my high school teacher at the bus station, surprised that she remembers me and she said ” Hi, Tiffany, how are you?”

Well.. she is not even my teacher.. she is just an officer works at school. I guess the reason she remembers me cause she always calls me out (not i am in trouble) to help the new student (Chinese) for an orientation(showing them around the school, and take them to see their new teachers for each subject they’ve chosen).

And that’s why some my high school Chinese friends respect me so much, they think I am powerful somehow…


今天下午在等巴士的時候,遇到了在中學讀書時,在學校(應該算是教務處)工作的老師,我們都蠻驚訝會看到對方的(因為我不住在那一區了阿…)不過他說的話更讓我大吃一驚,他說:『Hi, Tiffany, how are you?』噢天阿!! 我畢業也要一年多了,我之後也都沒有再回去看她們了,何況那個老師又沒有教我,一年不過見過幾次面而已.. 他居然叫的出我的名字~^^

若是在台灣喔.. = = ” 老師大概不會記得吧~~ 除非你是很outstanding的學生,或是很讓人頭痛的學生..老師才會記得吧!!

我感到非常的快樂,因為老師還叫的出我的名字呀~^^ 就突然感到..一種..溫暖的感覺~^^

我猜想他會記得我,大概是我常常被叫去帶新學生認識新環境跟新老師吧!! 也因為這樣..= = 在學校我有個”大姐大”的暱稱 XD …每一個Chinese student都是我帶的…

Today is the Chinese New Year’s Eve, we (my uncle and I) arrived quite early at Aunite Ellen’s house.

Well… John is back from UK for two weeks, I thought he will have two weeks holiday here, lol… I am wrong!!

He still needs to work one week in Sydney and one week in Brisbane.. Luckly, he said it’s not going to be too busy for him. John looks bit “white”… lol!! He prefers to have a dark skin. We talked a lot of things about  life in Sydney and in England, it seems we still need more times to catch up.


There are so many places we want to go and things we wanna explore. When I heard John’s adventures in Europe, I wonder when will I be there one day. His eyes blinked whenever he tells us about UK life and the countries he visited. I asked his plan to visit Taiwan again, he said he has to think about it. Like what I said. There are so many places we wanna go! By the way! John gave a present from UK! He bought me a bag!!^^

I will show you guys one day!


John is currently work at YAHOO in UK.  He is a commercial financial analyst.. (Er.. something like that!!)

We definitely talked a lot stuff about yahoo and messenger… he agreed that yahoo messenger’s  “phone to phone” service is not as good as Skype.

It was funny that when Uncle Bill asked John about  GOOGLE, John cried out that he joined the wrong company!! He prefers Google.. he said he used to use google engine to find out the infomation (before he joined Yahoo) He told me that first year when he just got in to Yahoo’s.. his colleague  asked him to do a favour to find out something, he said ” Let’s google it!” His colleague replied ” Nonono… we have to “yahoo it”!”

Apparently, he is getting used to find stuff by using yahoo engine.


This 2006 year, I’ve received 4 lucky money from.. Uncle Bill, Auntie Ellen & Uncle Jason, John and Angela.

I am not quite enjoy today because I have a period pain, but I love today 🙂


PS. LOL = laugh out loud; lor =chinese expression word..


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