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Today, I feel like crying, this date reminds me about my dearest grandmother, I remember the time when she lived with us when I was young, I remember a lot of funs whenever she is with us.
On the seventh January, my family and I went to do obeisance to our dearest grandmother, my auntie told me how we should consider more about our health when we are aged, and we should also keep fit while we are young. It always a big sigh that if it wasn’t happen on the street but on the bus, perhaps there will be someone who would help grandma to the hospital and that may save Grandma a life. However, when grandma passed away, she left without pain, perhaps that’s the only one good thing apart from others.
At this moment I am thinking of the photo about my grandma’s funeral. How sad.. that’s the only thing in my mind. I miss her.. I regreted her death..
For people whose still has elders at home, please do spend sometimes with them, it would be too late to feel sorry for once they aren’t there anymore.


首先想跟說sorry and Thank you…

先謝謝你的新年賀卡,我收到了! 很高興~

再來想跟你說生對不起,今天好幾次我的確在線上啦,也在電腦旁,雖然看到你跟我說話,雙手卻遲遲不回應給你,連個安都沒有.. =_=||||腦袋不知道在想什麼,直到下午..腦袋才開始正常運作


今天考英檢考試,要加油唷! 我相信你會考的很好的~^^

還想跟Jeffy說:『 LOL!! I received you msg!! however, I donno what does BB means la… anyway take ur time lor…』

也想跟Jet說…. 不要生氣不要難過.. Calm down & everything will be fine =)   想些好的事情吧~^^

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  1. 妳心情不好阿?



  2. 親愛的~