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MSN space is getting so much different now, there are tips around whenever you are editing your space. Here in MSN space you can also give a comment or reply on the album!! Check out the storage of you msn space!! it’s 500MB!! You don’t even need to worry or wonder where else you can store your pictures.
Check out the
album section and personal profile!! There’s huge different styles, you can also change the setting permission toward the public.

Anything else?

Well.. Normally, when you click on
blog there’s always a limitation on other’s blog (ie. you probably can only view the top 30 blogs)… a newly msn blog has a button on the right hand side!! that can help you click forward and backward to view other blogs.
Create a new list
perhaps you realize that you can only creat up to 11custom lists. Here you go!! there are eight more custom lists which you can create! BTW, the MSN space is adding one more option about modules, you can not only add/remove these items but also “hide” them.
Check out your MSN space web address
Wow!! I just found out!! That my url changes!! it’s no longer “” anymore (well… you can still type and enter that web address.. it will just automated turn to the follow url….) the msn space take off the “members” and the new url is

Well… since there are so much funs and cool things happen in MSN space. Why don’t you come and have a look here!!^^
I bet you will like it!

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