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Looking For Alibrandi

內容是一個在澳洲長大但卻有意大利血統的高中女孩,在她最後一年的高中生活裡,尋找自己的故事。故事內容大多包含愛情故事,雖然最後她並沒有和自己最初喜歡的男孩在一起,但是從自己的身上及父母親,甚至是奶奶身上學到了些事物   隨著時間而成長,她的思想變得更成熟。

Jose Alibrandi, a Catholic girl, narrates the novel in her final year of High school. She attends St Martha’s, a wealthy catholic school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. Her academic scholarship ensures her place at the school as she is not as well off as the population of largely wealthy Anglo-Celtic girls that attend the school. Her Italian origin has been the reason for much persecution toward her in her life. Her background against the monied origins of her peers also provides much source of angst for Josie. Image hosted by She lives in the inner-city suburb of Glebe with her single mother, who takes care of her. Their rather small dwelling is the source of some embarrassment for Josie. Josie is essentially on a journey of discovery throughout the novel. This journey reveals much about herself, her family and the many lessons that she is yet to learn in her life. Her search for her own cultural identity is coupled with her struggle as a poor student among many wealthy ones. Josephine also has a number of self-esteem issues that manifest themselves throughout the novel in her perceptions of the world.


2005 年 10 月