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Today is Orit Weiser’s Birthday! Happy Birthday to your 19th Birthday!

It’s been a long time we haven’t have the chance to see each other, you and the family

Thanks for taking a great care looking after me for long time.

I met you since I was year 10. The first time I live with homestay, the first time I step into a Jewish family and learn the culture of Jew.

Time passed by, last year when we graduated, I heard that you are going to Israel one year this year. I believe you are having a great advanture there. Here, I would like to say again: Thank you, and Happy Birthday!


今天的心情還算可以啦   天氣半陰半晴的 跟我一樣    哈!

昨天MAY打電話跟我說~ 12月他要跟我一起考IELTS 的考試喔~^^

凌晨五點多,做了一個夢,夢到以前的同學~ 有May Ann, Ann, Adrianna.. 很多很多

哎呀~ 反正就夢到我又回到我們以前的RBSC 去年的year 12 people..

好想他們喔~~~~不知道大家過的好不好.. U_U



那就Sha yuo na na 囉


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  1. 我想妳應該是日有所思 夜有所夢 如果妳真的很想念妳的朋友們 不彷打個電話給她們 我想妳的朋友會很高興的 生活中的每一天都要保持著心情的愉快 或許每一天都會帶給妳不同的體驗跟心情 但是 還是要保持著內心的喜悅 這樣我想