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I slept around 5:30 this morning…

I cannot sleep… at all = =

Then I found out that I caught a cold!

Gotta think to take more care of myself then,


This is a shinny day today!

May the God heard my request~

how I wish I could walk outside and

Engjoy the world..

But I know I could not do so.

It still windy outside..

seems that it will blow me up to the cloud!


Recently I am doing the detection!

Trying to get my vocab.. well

That’s what I am suppose to do before gettin’ into

EAP(English for Academic Purpose)


Am I stupid?

No, I am not.

Am I an idiot?

No, I am not.

Am I really a silly person?

No, I am not.

Then.. Do my best to go for every dream!!