Fallen 落下地獄的天使

太陽公公被惡勢力的寒風哥哥欺負.. 所以現在全球都在寒冷的狀況中..

在台灣..人民抱怨春天還沒來.. 讓我們每天穿的衣服是一件加一件… 比12越穿的還要多 

在澳洲.. 人民還沒完全享受到夏秋的涼爽日子.. 冬天已經迫不及待地想要住進去了

Last night I watched a movie called Pretty Woman, there’s a part that I felt simily to us. I forgot which part… but when I watched it, I cried inside.. That’s what we were in that situation. However… we are hardly to think the time would turn back again. Even it does! It would not change or make any difference.. wasn’t it?

I just want to be normal, I just want someone to care about me.. though I know someone really care about me.. someone….




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